State Contract

Recommending, customizing, and implementing IT configurations form the backbone of IntraSystems’ key strengths.  Over the years, these services and their long-standing reputation of technological and business integrity have merited an impressive list of satisfied customers.

Because of our excellent reputation and ability to provide outstanding products and services to the Commonwealth, IntraSystems has been awarded ITC47, Category 6 (all subcategories, including hardware, maintenance, integration services and project management), ITS53, Project Services (information security, systems integration and networking, and systems planning), and Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC).  No stranger to the state, IntraSystems has been active on the Commonwealth’s firewall statewide contract since its inception in 2004.  In July, 2015, ITC10 (firewall software, hardware, and services) became a part of ITC47.  IntraSystems was instrumental in creating the best-in-class standard for ITD’s firewall design.

Any eligible entity within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can purchase a full range of technology services and products through IntraSystems.  To receive a quote or speak to an IntraSystems’ sales representative, please Request a Quote  or send us an email at