IntraSync Licensing

IntraSystems can consolidate all of your customers’ annual support maintenance agreements and licenses for both Citrix and Check Point. By working with IntraSystems for your licensing needs, you can focus on what you need to do – instead of focusing on changing processes and renewals. IntraSystems’ customers greatly benefit from this service as it simplifies and proactively monitors the renewal process.

Citrix Subscription Advantage

The Citrix Subscription Advantage program allows Citrix customers to quickly and cost-effectively build upon their existing Citrix assets with the latest product updates. A one-year membership, which is included with each new purchase of Citrix software, provides priority access to platform and features releases throughout the membership period. With Subscription Advantage, members can enjoy the following core benefits:

  • Predictable budgeting for Citrix upgrades, without worrying about variable costs throughout the year
  • Investment protection for their existing Citrix access technology infrastructure
  • Scheduled delivery of the latest news and information

If you are confused about the Citrix licensing, log onto with your unique username and password. Navigate to the CSN assignment link (via the Licensing Menu) and then add IntraSystems as your Solutions Advisor. By using IntraSystems as your Solutions Advisor, IntraSystems can assist you in keeping your subscription memberships current. You can then use the CSN assignment functionality to assign all of your current subscriptions to IntraSystems for maintenance.

Check Point Enterprise Software Subscription

Even if you are familiar with the renewal process for your Check Point licensing, you may not be aware that Check Point has transitioned to an Enterprise Support structure. Enterprise Software Subscription includes software product upgrades, feature packs, service packs, and hot fixes for the contract term. Enterprise Software Subscription also includes regular Enterprise product review as well as coverage synchronization with auto-renewal.

A Software Subscription guarantees that Secure Virtual Network solutions are kept as current as possible through the latest product enhancements and capabilities. For major product releases, Check Point ships a software upgrade package to Software Subscription customers. For minor software upgrades, service packs and hot fixes are conveniently available for electronic download.

If you have general questions about your maintenance agreements or if your maintenance agreements are outdated, IntraSystems can help you manage them. For more details on this unique program, Contact Us or send an email to

Let IntraSystems simplify the process so that you can get on with your more important tasks.