To meet IT compliance obligations, many companies are looking for a structured approach that allows them to identify and prioritize IT controls and establish a compliance record system. However, implementing an IT compliance program that is effective and responds to the dynamic business environment can be challenging. Unfortunately, there is no “magical” technology package that will bring companies into compliance. In addition, recent corporate disasters and growing government regulatory action have heightened the focus on corporate governance and are driving the centralization of compliance oversight within today’s organization. Because most IT functions infuse the organization and its processes, IT compliance is a process that requires continuous oversight and management.

IntraSystems helps companies achieve compliance while focusing on security and risk management. Working in conjunction with our clients, IntraSystems develops an all-inclusive security strategy that utilizes best-in-breed security solutions. IntraSystems reviews current security infrastructure as well as policies and procedures to uncover any vulnerabilities. We then provide our clients with the necessary steps to rectify those vulnerabilities to ensure compliance.

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