Backup and Recovery

Downtime and data loss is not acceptable in today’s business environment. To keep the business moving and protect the bottom line, companies must protect their IT and data investments and keep the infrastructure running so users always have access to the IT resources. Planning for disaster makes recovery possible.

IntraSystems’ Virtualized Disaster Recovery Solutions make rapid, reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions a reality. Even better, we make it possible to implement disaster recovery plans at a significantly lower cost. Our Virtualized Disaster Recovery Solutions are hardware-independent, allowing any physical server to serve as a recovery target for any virtual machine. Virtualizing your servers protect IT infrastructure against natural disasters and business disruptions as servers are separated from underlying hardware and delivered as virtual machines. As a result, organizations reduce downtime due to disasters and increase worker productivity. Additionally, by using a virtual infrastructure to simplify and accelerate recovery, IntraSystems helps organizations meet time-to-recovery targets.

Meeting Today’s Business Continuity Challenges Head-on

Ensuring business continuity for key IT services is an essential requirement for organizations these days. Downtime of important applications is not only costly, it’s never an acceptable option. IntraSystems can develop a virtual infrastructure to reduce planned and unplanned downtime while lowering the cost of ensuring business continuity. Using an integrated approach to your network, IntraSystems establishes a virtualized IT infrastructure that reduces planned and unplanned downtime by accomplishing the following:

  • Transforming IT infrastructures into self-healing, highly available resource pools
  • Reducing complexity of fail-over facilities
  • Creating virtual shared storage and implementing consolidated backup tools
  • Providing proven methodologies to simplify and facilitate rapid recovery processes
  • Empowering IT staffs to address system maintenance with zero-downtime windows

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