Virtual Server Solutions

IntraSystems’ Virtual Server Solutions allow you to reduce energy and management costs while optimizing the use of your existing hardware. Administrators can benefit from IntraSystems deploying and implementing a virtual server solution as it improves service delivery – saving both time and money. New applications can be delivered into production more quickly and efficiently when servers are optimized by consolidation.

Through utilization of both Citrix and VMware virtualization technology, servers are separated from underlying hardware and delivered as virtual machines which make it easier to protect and manage compared to a physical infrastructure. Consider the following benefits:

  • Shares unused server memory between virtual machines which reduces hardware costs
  • Allows for a greater number of virtual machines per server host
  • Improves application performance

With IntraSystems’ Server Virtualization Solutions, you can be assured of improved IT reliability and the ability to adapt to ever-changing IT environments to help you deliver optimal support to your business.

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