Virtualization Assessment

IntraSystems provides assessments for both desktop and server consolidation projects. IntraSystems highly encourages our customers to conduct a virtualization assessment prior to deploying a virtualization engagement. In order to design an optimized architecture, a detailed assessment must be made of the existing desktop and data center environments. This assessment identifies desktops, applications, resource utilization and usage patterns as well as user categories, use cases, data center environment, PC/laptop environment, remote office components, and management structure.

For customers desiring to preview the value of server consolidation projects, IntraSystems offers a Virtualization Capacity Analysis; a complete server infrastructure assessment. The Virtualization Capacity Analysis indicates which servers will work more efficiently than others in a virtual infrastructure and uncover server consolidation opportunities within existing physical IT infrastructures. All in all, this strategic assessment can reveal potential costs and realized savings.

For organizations already utilizing virtual infrastructures, IntraSystems offers a Virtual Infrastructure Health Check. IntraSystems helps companies maximize investments in Citrix and VMware virtual infrastructure by examining the environment to ensure optimal configuration and consistency as well as verify that operational procedures are consistent with Citrix and VMware best practices.

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