IntraSystems Adds Unidesk for Next-Gen Application Management

IntraSystems is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Unidesk to optimize and accelerate application delivery for our customers. The Unidesk® application packaging and lifecycle management solution – which recently won Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 in the New Technology category – is now available as part of our Virtualization solution portfolio.

Suitable for VDI, Citrix XenApp/RDSH, and cloud environments, Unidesk “containerizes” desktop applications as virtual disks for error-free, install-free delivery to end users and package-once, update-once efficiency for IT. Windows workspaces can now be created and managed on a single gold OS layer, with applications and even personal one-off applications “layered” on top as each user logs in.

Unidesk greatly improves upon first-generation application virtualization solutions to offer enterprises of all sizes unique benefits and cost savings:

  • Near-100% app compatibility. Other application packaging technologies only support 50-70% of apps, forcing IT to bundle the remaining apps into many different Windows images. Unidesk enables all apps to be virtualized. End users benefit from having faster access to the latest applications. IT benefits from having to patch Windows and apps once, instead of once for every image.
  • Real-time app delivery. Unidesk can deliver departmental and personal apps at user login to both VDI and XenApp. By enabling pooled virtual desktops and multi-user XenApp sessions to be customized and shared by many users, mobile workspaces can now be delivered with less infrastructure, making VDI and XenApp cheaper than buying new PCs.
  • Cloud support. The same application layers can be delivered to multiple hypervisors and Azure without repackaging. Cost-effective DR and the ability to switch hypervisors and infrastructure are now possible.

“IntraSystems has a great reputation for delivering innovative and reliable end user computing solutions to customers and a long track record as a top Citrix partner. We’re delighted that Unidesk is now part of the IntraSystems Virtualization solution portfolio. We look forward to helping them transform application and workspace delivery for their customers.”

 – Brian McDonough, VP of Worldwide Sales, Unidesk Corporation

“Unidesk finally delivers on the promise of app virtualization. We’re really excited about its ability to extend Citrix XenApp to all apps and all users, enabling customers to realize more of the benefits of workspace mobility at much lower cost. Unidesk fits perfectly with our focus on providing customers with secure, on-demand access to business applications and services.”

 Paul Kunze, VP Sales & Marketing, IntraSystems

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