IntraSystems Named Citrix CSP Top Innovator for Enablement & Growth

As one of Citrix’s leading pioneers in the Desktop-As-A-Service arena, IntraSystems was recently awarded “Citrix CSP Top Innovator for Enablement & Growth” at Citrix Summit 2016. This is a validation of our knowledge and experience providing DAAS, specifically in healthcare markets. Citrix stated, “IntraSystems offers leading services to the healthcare industry built on Citrix solutions. Through its longstanding relationship with Citrix, IntraSystems has demonstrated that investing in a very technical and deep understanding of Citrix solution pays off when building out their own solutions. Their knowledge of Citrix product has helped them to set deep roots into the healthcare industry.”

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Since 1996, IntraSystems has empowered companies to deliver secure, on-demand access, anytime, anywhere. By assisting in the design, installation, security, and maintenance of networked technologies, IntraSystems enables corporations to focus on business growth while utilizing new technologies to enhance corporate productivity. Recommending, customizing, and implementing IT configurations form the backbone of our key strengths. It's an approach that works well in everyday situations and it's precisely what drives our success.