As an authorized Gold+ Partner for AppSense, IntraSystems helps you take the risk out of your desktop virtualization projects! Poor user experience is the leading cause of failure in desktop virtualization projects. Combining our Citrix expertise with AppSense, we have the ability to deliver a great user experience that supports your project and business needs.

AppSense automatically applies user personalization, files, and IT policy between disparate desktop delivery models. This gives end users what they need to be productive at all times and allows IT to manage users and desktops from a centralized location. By separating all of the user-specific aspects of enterprise computing from the underlying OS and applications, AppSense removes much of the manual IT effort necessary for desktop virtualization projects. Deploy AppSense once and never worry about migration between delivery models again, even if an end user needs to use a physical desktop.

The result?

  • Excellent user experience ensures technology adoption
  • Centralizing desktop management which means improved IT agility and flexibility
  • User personalization and IT policy flow automatically between desktop delivery models
  • Users’ files follow them to their new desktop automatically without the need for manual file location and copy efforts by IT
  • Increased user density per server delivers cost savings

If you are considering a VDI deployment, struggling with your current deployment or looking for ways to improve how you manage physical and DaaS environments, please contact us for a meeting. We will leave behind a FitBit Flex for your time. We will improve your user experience while you can improve your own performance!

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