With the need for information to be more portable and accessible on demand, wireless solutions are becoming essential to efficient operations of businesses, schools, hospitals, and utilities. As an Aruba Network Solution Partner, IntraSystems provides best-in-class products for securely connecting users to information and applications in the distributed enterprise network. Moreover, we enable entities to manage the “Bring Your Own Device” trend securely and intelligently.

Aruba is a global leader in distributed enterprise networks – LAN, wireless, remote networking, and network management. Aruba provides next-generation network access solutions for mobile enterprise networks. Their mobile solutions simplify operations and secure access to all corporate applications and services – regardless of the user’s device, location, or network.

How is Aruba different?

  • Optimized for user mobility, mobile devices, and applications. This gives users secure access to enterprise network resources based on who they are – no matter where they are, what device they are using, or how they connect.
  • Highly secure. Identity-based security assigns access policies to users and enforces those policies across wired and wireless whenever and wherever the network is accessed.
  • Simple to deploy with existing networks. Adaptive 802.11n wireless LANs optimize themselves to ensure that users are always within reach of business-critical information.
  • Easy to manage and maintain. Provides end-to-end visibility and control to simplify the management of mobile

IntraSystems can help companies dramatically improve productivity and lower capital and operational costs by implementing an Aruba solution. To discuss Aruba’s products and solutions, please Contact Us or email us at