Data centers have become more complex and difficult to manage with costly racks and cabling. Whether your data center has two or 250 servers, you are most likely experiencing many of the same issues that can plague data centers, such as having mixed hardware components, duplication of ports and switches, and inconsistent cabling. Moreover, keeping your IT and power costs down can be challenging.

Today, there’s a better way to build a data center. The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) helps address these challenges by streamlining data center resources, scaling service delivery, and drastically reducing the number of devices requiring setup, management, power/cooling, and cabling.

Cisco UCS has standard components, no device duplication, state-of-the-art management tool, and a unified data, storage, and management network. Cisco UCS is a next-generation data center platform that unites computing, network, storage access and virtualization into a cohesive system. Cisco UCS empowers IT to run data centers with more agility to support business innovation. Organizations that need to become more operationally efficient will benefit from a virtualized data center platform. Migrations from older architectures to Cisco UCS can reduce infrastructure operating expenses and power costs, consolidate servers, and provide greater application performance.

A Cisco UCS data center can provide the following:

  • Manage the whole operation as a single view
  • Reduce the number of devices and cables while freeing up space
  • Set-up, configure, and reconfigure servers quickly
  • Automate routine tasks with no manual involvement or errors
  • Offer an agile, on-demand service to your business

As a Cisco Premier Partner, IntraSystems possesses the sales, technical, and service capabilities to integrate data center server solutions. IntraSystems holds the Cisco Unified Computing Technology (UCT) accreditation, demonstrating specialist knowledge and capability of the Unified Computing System (UCS) platform.

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