About IntraSystems

Founded in 1996, IntraSystems is a highly respected IT consulting company, managed services provider, and systems integrator that specializes in the deployment and delivery of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity services and assessments, virtualization services, security, and cloud solutions.  IntraSystems has proven expertise in solving the many technology challenges that companies face today, such as keeping up with the ever-evolving security landscape, migrating to the cloud, and compliance requirements (i.e. GDPR, HIPAA, etc.).  In the past three (3) years, IntraSystems has expanded to now have offices in Bedford, NH and Pittsburgh, PA.  More recently, IntraSystems has added an Advisory Division to our already robust consulting services so that we can further meet the needs of our customers.

IntraSystems has gathered one of the strongest IT organizations in New England and Mid-Atlantic.  IntraSystems’ designed and deployed infrastructure solutions serve as a robust, dependable foundation from which an organization can grow.  IntraSystems delivers customer satisfaction through technical competence, prominent partnerships, and professional integrity of all employees. Because our specialized core knowledge and experience is difficult to duplicate, we can offer customers a trusted relationship with the highest level of personalized service in the industry.   Each client engagement has at least four different IntraSystems professionals who are responsible for the success of the project.  Our core sales and service professionals work together to ensure that deadlines are met, technical and business requirements are matched or exceeded at completion of project, appropriate knowledge transfer has occurred, applicable documentation provided to client, and that the project has been successfully completed within budget.  Moreover, no stranger to the state, IntraSystems has been active on the Commonwealth’s statewide contracts since its inception in 2004.

We know that the foundation of your network depends on your infrastructure’s organization.  Whether you count on one IT department or you’re structured with different departments that manage each element of your network, IntraSystems can help prioritize what’s most important to your success. IntraSystems draws on key knowledge and extensive experience in assessing, designing and deploying solutions specific to your organization.  Moreover, we review your business priorities and your environment – seeking the right combination of technical skills and technology to suit your unique situation.  The IntraSystems team understands the advantages of being flexible and proactive.  There’s no single recommendation or favorite product that is a solution. We craft solutions that fit your needs alone, while keeping you informed of the latest developments affecting your business.

Recommending, customizing, and implementing IT configurations form the backbone of our key strengths. Over the years, these services and our long-standing reputation of technological and business integrity have merited an impressive list of satisfied customers. Naturally, we take this responsibility very seriously. It’s an approach that works well in everyday situations and it’s precisely what drives our success.

For more information on IntraSystems’ services, please Contact Us  or send us an email to sales@intrasystems.com.


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