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Providing end-to-end visibility – from users to servers to networks and storage – eG Innovations’ award-winning eG Enterprise Universal Insight technology provides organizations with a 360 degree view of their entire IT infrastructure. This single pane of glass view allows enterprise IT teams to collaborate easily and solve key user-visible problems. Unparalleled visibility also allows IT architects to determine how to right-size and optimize their IT infrastructures for maximum ROI.

Their patented automatic root-cause diagnosis technology is designed for dynamic, inter-dependent physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures where proactive monitoring and rapid diagnosis of problems is a challenge. Instead of spending hours of time analyzing the problem, IT helpdesks and administrators can go from a user visible problem to an actionable event in just a few clicks.

eG Innovations has developed key expertise in Citrix technologies. Their solutions are being currently used to monitor some of the largest Citrix deployments in the world. eG Innovations was also one of the earliest vendors to explore the performance challenges that virtualization and cloud computing introduce. eG Innovations products include a truly virtualization-aware root-cause diagnosis technology in the industry today. eG Innovations also has expertise with SAP, Java, Microsoft and other leading technology stacks being deployed in enterprises today.

eG Innovations can provide a comprehensive unified performance management solution for cloud and on-premises infrastructures. Available in SaaS-based and on-premises deployment models, their solution enables the success of your cloud initiatives by delivering end-to-end visibility across user experience and performance of applications, database, virtualization, storage and network. From a single pane of glass, administrators can automatically discover cloud (public, private, hybrid) and on premises infrastructures; map inter-dependencies between tiers, correlate performance insights across heterogeneous components; and identify the root cause of performance issues for providing faster resolution.

As a eG Innovation’s Platinum Partner, IntraSystems has the resources and expertise to deploy an eG Innovation solution for your organization.

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