Moving to Microsoft Office 365? Make the most of it!

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Stressed about the move to Office 365? You’re not alone. In fact, while Microsoft estimates that almost 90 percent of enterprises already own licenses, organizations across industries are finding that the deployment of cloud apps tests even the most adept IT teams—not to mention the hours of productivity it can consume for everyone.

But now, there’s an easy, effective way to make the migration simpler—a secure digital workspace such as Citrix Workspace. These powerful solutions not only help you complete migrations and software updates quickly and easily, they also improve security and increase productivity by simplifying access to the critical Office 365 apps that employees use every day.

Faster migration and easier management

Managing a wide range of device types across multiple locations is a challenge for any IT team—and all the more so when you’re continually rolling out new software across the organization. Let’s be honest, having to manually configuring programs across each device is a time-consuming process that distracts IT from higher-value work.  With a secure digital workspace, you can federate identity management for people working outside the office by enabling single sign-on access to core applications. Every user can access the same cloud services from wherever they’re working and get a great experience, no matter what device and network they use.

Better security

As everyone has realized, apps are potentially the weakest point in an organization’s security profile—especially if they are cloud-based, mobile or both. By using a secure digital workspace, you can deliver Office 365 and other SaaS apps securely and ensure the information residing in them is protected, no matter who on your team has access or where they use it.  Better yet, you can securely deliver these apps to the wide range of corporate and personal devices that your disparate employees and users are relying on every day.

Increased workforce productivity

IT teams are keenly aware that the best solutions will fail without user adoption. No matter how secure and simple to manage a solution may be, it can only drive value if it’s adopted by your employees. That’s why a simple, streamlined user experience is crucial. Fortunately, a secure digital workspace makes the user experience consistent across user devices. That means you can deploy Office 365 and any other app (mobile, virtual, SaaS, web) to users through a unified app store and they’ll get a consistent, secure experience, each and every time.

Rely on IntraSystems to deploy Office 365 and implement Citrix Workspace

Migrations can be complex. Migrating email systems can generate a lot of risk for your business. IntraSystems brings best practices and expertise to ensure your Office 365 migration is seamless and that your mail systems do not go offline – disrupting productivity and impacting performance.

As Citrix Worldwide Partner of the Year and Microsoft Gold partner, let us help you navigate your way to the cloud. As a long-standing provider in offering Citrix and Microsoft solutions combined with our highly certified Citrix and Microsoft engineering team, IntraSystems is uniquely positioned to deliver access to apps, data and services – on any device – through a single pane of glass for comprehensive management, visibility and intelligence, which includes actionable end-to-end analytics. Our Consulting teams draw upon this extensive experience and provide the skills required to provide a great user experience!

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