NVIDIA GRID™ technology offloads graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU in virtualized environments, allowing organizations to deliver true PC graphics-rich experiences to more users. IT and data center managers can now leverage industry-leading virtualization solutions—including Citrix, Microsoft , and VMware–to offer a better experience for their most graphics-intensive users. This includes highly responsive windows, multimedia, and professional applications, from anywhere, on any device.

NVIDIA has developed the world’s first Deep Learning Supercomputer in a box! Data scientists and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers require accuracy, simplicity, and speed for deep learning success. Faster training and iteration ultimately means faster innovation and time-to-market. The NVIDIA® DGX-1™ is the world’s first purpose-built system optimized for deep learning, with fully integrated hardware and software that can be deployed quickly and easily. Its revolutionary performance significantly accelerates training time, making it the world’s first deep learning supercomputer in a box.

As one of NVIDIA’s Preferred Partners in New England, IntraSystems has the resources and expertise to deploy a NVIDIA solution for your organization.

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