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As today’s businesses rapidly transform, IT is leading the charge into the digital age with innovative cloud-based solutions for overcoming their growing business challenges.  But one thing is becoming increasingly clear. Organizations that are hesitating on making cloud investments or continuing to survey the landscape before making a cloud commitment are risking more than competitive market share. They’re risking the loss of valuable personnel and ongoing business efficiencies as their IT infrastructures get stretched to accommodate disparate users and locations.

In fact, a recent Harvey Nash KPMG CIO survey revealed that most organizations have already made the move. More than 70 percent of respondents stated they were already making significant or moderate investments in the cloud. What’s driving these cloud investments? Here were the main responses:

  • 71% – Improving the speed of IT service delivery
  • 63% – Greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions
  • 58% – Enabling business continuity
  • 57% – Improving customer support or services
  • 51% – Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

There’s more. Many of these organizations stated that by moving to a secure digital workspace, they have achieved significant, bottom-line business results in addition to the expected IT efficiencies. Take a look at these real-life examples:

  • A global chemical company with 5,000 employees across 33 research and manufacturing centers wanted their employees to be able to access the tools and info they needed across a wide range of devices and environments. By transitioning to a digital workspace, they were able to increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction (because they spent less time searching for what they needed), and deliver better IT visibility, security and control.
  • An addiction treatment center with five facilities across two states needed a way to ensure they could support 600 employees and 35,000 alumni with 24/7 care. Now, through their secure virtual workspace, employees get always-on connectivity—even from their homes—so they can deliver the care needed, when it’s needed most.
  • A retail footwear manufacturer with 3,700 employees needed to connect designers in the Midwest, East Coast and China to accelerate product development and get shoes into market faster. Now, after the implementation of a virtual workspace, they’ve reduced their time to market from 425 days to just 140.

Of course, that’s just a few examples. Want to see more reasons why you should start your move to a virtual workspace today? As Citrix Worldwide Partner of the Year and Microsoft Gold partner, let us help you navigate your way to the cloud.  IntraSystems recommends an assessment of your environment to find out the fastest, easiest way to deliver secure apps in the cloud.

Check out this infographic to discover how you can make the leap into the cloud with confidence and deliver similar results for your organization. Don’t wait.  Download your copy now: Pursue Your Cloud with Confidence!

Contact IntraSystems at info@intrasystems.com to learn more.

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