IntraSystems was awarded ITC47 for Category 6 for all subcategories, including hardware, maintenance, integration services and project management. This contract covers desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, storage solutions, computer supplies and accessories, and hardware related services, such as maintenance and integration.  IntraSystems is also authorized to procure and support firewalls and security related products/solutions.  Other equipment, such as local storage, input and output devices, ink jet printers (as well as other printers not offered under ITC44), controllers, network switches (not offered under ITT46), memory boards, and incidental hardware is available for procurement and services.

Any eligible entity within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can purchase a full range of technology services and products through IntraSystems.  Below is a listing of the Eligible Entities:

Below is a list of eligible services for this contract:


Public schools and libraries within the Commonwealth may utilize IntraSystems’ services offered under this contract to meet the requirements of the Schools and Libraries Division of the Erate Program.  IntraSystems can assist each eligible entity file their respective Form 471 and other necessary forms to participate in this program.  IntraSystems SPIN Number is 143035884.

Effective Dates of ITC47 Contract:

The effective dates of ITC47 is 04/01/12 – 06/30/19

Labor Rates:

For a listing of IntraSystems’ labor rates to the Commonwealth under ITC47, click ITC47 Cost Table.

Request a Quote:

To receive a quote or speak to an IntraSystems’ sales representative, please Request a Quote or send us an email at

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